The Awakened

Out to sea

You put out to sea on the Fat Lady, Captained by a female Dragonborn named Cillyndrack. Almost immediately Churchill becomes seasick. After several days and as many ports you find yourselves between the islands of Alaron and Snowdown. This water is contested by the Amnian forces that have conquered Snowdown as an inroad to taking the Moonshae Isles. You fail to slip past the Amnian’s and instead have to fight off a boarding party of Buccaneers.
This battle is highlighted with Balthazor leaping onto the enemy ship and using his frightful presence to intimidate the enemy. Also of note were Marvelous leaping into the mix and tearing into the crossbowmen. Churchill harassed the enemy with various spells of a fiery nature and Barrakas ended the enemy captain by pulling him overboard with his pole arm allowing the sea swells to crush the Buccaneer between the two hulls. Kayden Thorn did not seem himself as he spent most the fight firing eldritch bolts to little effect. In the end both the captain and the first mates lifeless bodies sank into the briny depths.
Capturing the buccaneer’s ship, you escort it to the next port where you receive a bounty of 1000gp which you immediately split between the five of you. The Fat Lady transports you several more days travel to the island of Norland to the small city of Rogarsheim where Cillyndrack hires replacement crewmen and turns over the two Amnian crossbowmen which are promptly tried and hung.
As you travel north toward the island of Connacht the weather takes a turn for the worse. That night you are being tossed by fifty foot waves and lashed by freezing wind and rain. You awaken to the screams of panicked crewmen fleeing from above decks warning that the ship is under attack by flying monsters. As you make your way onto the icy deck you see a small flock of Harpies are circling the ships rigging, two petrified crewman huddle prone on the deck.
This battle is highlighted with Marvelous battling various Harpies up in the frigid rigging. After one of the Harpies is killed and their leader bloodied the beasts shriek their frustration and flee.
A couple days later the Fat Lady makes port at Killin just as the sun rises. You leave the ship and make your way through the town and up to Carrach Keep. Here you meet the Captain of the guard Darnaxxus . He is a Dragonborn in blue enameled plate carrying a long sword and a round shield emblazoned with the image of Bahamut. He takes you to meet the keeps seneschal, a Tiefling who turns out to be Barrakas’s uncle. The seneschal speaks to you privately preparing you for an audience with Prince Jeremy Kendrick.
To your surprise the prince, a handsome powerfully built lad in his early twenties, turns out to be a simpleton. His mannerisms reflect a child half his age. He is excited to see you and hopes you have a present for him as it is his birthday. At this point you present him the sword and tell him its history. The Tiefling seneschal known as Lore confirms your account and adds that a barrow three days north east of the keep contains the swords original owner. Within the barrow lie the sheath and pommel stone that go with the sword. Lore offers you each 1000gp if you would travel to the barrow and retrieve the items.
After a long day of travel you reach a large village named Baniff. It is nearly night fall and the townsfolk are rushing to find shelter. A terrified old guardsman named Gus begs you to seek shelter also. You take shelter in the inn. Here you discover that for nearly a week the people of this community have been terrorized by Cyclops, how many they do not know. Sometime later that night you hear a crash in the distance followed by a high pitched female scream. You quickly dash out into the pelting rain and run through the muddy streets in search of your prey. In no time you come across the large humanoid figure about to pass through the shattered outer wall of the town. Shouting a challenge you gain the brutes attention. It slowly turns, its single malevolent eye blinking stupidly.



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