The Awakened

The Keep on the Shadowfell

The adventurers, Marvelous the Monk,Balthazor the Paladin,Barrakas the Warlord, Churchill Zem: First among Wizards, and Shade the Rogue, met in the town of Fallcrest. They were asked to investigate the goings on at the Kobold Halls and then later requested to look into the goings on in the town of Winterhaven. Once their they were caught up in the machinations of an evil cleric attempting to open a rift into the Shadowfell in the Keep on the Shadowfell.

The Thunderspire Labyrinth

From clues gleaned in the Keep on the Shadowfell the players next invetigate the Thunderspire Labyrinth. Here they eventually develop a working relationship with the Mages of Saruun and defeat the Wizard Paldemar. From clues found in the Thunderspire Labyrinth the players decide to investigate the Pyrimad of Shadow. The Ordinator Arcanis encourages the players in this endevor and to this end loans them a Wondrous Figure of Magical Transmutation.

The Pyramid of Shadows

From a map obtained in the lair of Paldemar the adventurers glean the current wherabouts of a mysterious location known only as the Pyramid of Shadows. Once there the group is pulled into the Pyramid by the mad Tiefling Karavakos. Pyramid of Shadows presents an adventure wherein the group find their way to a multi-levelled extradimensional pyramid built by an evil God as a prison for the power-mad Tiefling wizard Karavakos. Karavakos’ power – and personality – has been fractured into multiple parts in order to keep him bound within the prison. In a plot to obtain his freedom, Karavakos tricks players into hunting down and killing several splinter versions of himself within the pyramid, in order that Karavakos might regain the power they hold and break free of the prison. However with the aid of the undying head of Karavakos’ one time Eladrin lover Vyrellis, the players gain the opportunity to breach Karavakos’ sanctum and defeat the wizard, which dissolves the pyramid and casts the adventures into a fractured darkness.

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Returned from darkness

The blackness of the void recedes, empty numbness is replaced by a wet chill. Sharp bright fragments of memory seer your consciousness with flashes of lightning, shadow, a Tiefling wizard, and finally the collapse of the Pyramid of Shadows. The four of you stand in the dark, being slashed by wind and rain. Confusion slowly releases its grip as you take in your environment. Your feet are engulfed in a muddy, rutted dirt road with dense forest to each side. The road rises further up into the mountains and descends toward what appears to be an old broken down inn.

Welcome back
Marvelous, Barrakas, Balthazor, and Churchill find themselves standing on a muddy road shouldered by heavy forest, being lashed by wind and rain. A stranger(Kayden) walking down the road asks them why they do not have the sense to get in out of the rain. Together the five of them head down to the weathered inn that was a hundred yards or so down the road from where they were standing. They try to walk in, find the door barred, and then pound on it for admittance. A short time later they are allowed entry. They discover the inn (Startled Raven) is very run down and that there are only a handful of patrons within. The group orders food and drinks and rooms for the night. After their meals and some socializing with some of the patrons the players go off to their rooms. Barrakas takes pity on the proprietor’s daughter Kacey who is suffering from the flue and a mild case of pneumonia, and spends the night aiding her with her illness. Later that night, Balthazor awakens to a person going through his things. Startled, the intruder flees. The Paladin pursues, shouting an alarm to the others. Balthazor follows until he discovers the trap door the intruder escaped down. Shortly thereafter the rest of the group meets up with the Paladin. They confer and decide to gear up before continuing the pursuit into the deep shaft. Balthazor leads the way into the shaft. When he drops down into the subterranean chamber he is immediately fired upon by a pair of Drow warriors. The other players drop into the chamber and divide up against the two Drow. A Drow Spellspinner and some flesh spiders also join the fray. In short order the spiders and one of the Drow warriors are killed. The other Warrior is intimidated into surrendering and the Spellspinner is rendered unconscious. The Drow are searched and parchments are discovered that indicate a plot to darken the sun. The players question the two Drow and then execute them. Using the information provided by the Drow the players discover an adjoining chamber accessed by a secret door. The chamber contains a portal to the Underdark. Churchill determines that he could temporarily or permanently disable it. He chooses to leave it be for the time being. The group also learned of a Doppelganger agent of the Drow who was heading to a small town called Wick. They decide to attempt to find and stop the agent from fulfilling his mission. Heading back up into the inn, the group question Ellenore about her involvement with the Drow. She admits she complied with the Drow, but only out of fear. The players did not seem to believe her, but they also chose not to harm her. Marvelous conjured phantom steeds for the group and then they headed south to Wick. Sometime after their midday meal they stumble upon a group of raiders. An enormous black skinned Ogre with fiery red tattoos leads a band of six Orcs. Churchill makes short work of the majority of the Orcs. Balthazor takes the brunt of the brute’s damage as its great maul sends the Paladin flying time and again. The players make short work of the monster, with Marvelous dealing the melee damage, while Kayden and the rest attack from afar. After looting the raiders the players find some gold, an 11th level magic item, and an ancient sword, a relic of Tiefling lineage. An hour further down the road they come across the smoking wreckage of a caravan. One survivor clings to life in the carnage. Barrakas heals her. The survivor is a Tiefling sage in the employ of House Kendrick named Cassandra. She asks that the players accompany her and get the relic to Caer Callidyrr and present it to the High King. The following day the group makes their way into the small town of Wick. They complete a skill challenge to locate the Doppelganger and lure it into a trap. Once trapped and defeated they learn the Doppelganger is in fact a female. When questioned she readily gives up any and all information requested of her. The players learn that she is to meet with a group of Drow that very night and give them a set of encrypted instructions. The group takes the instructions. The Doppelganger makes the mistake of spitting into the monks eye one too many times and he beats her to death. The players waste no time finding and scouting out the drop point. They set up an ambush and even find a body double to act as the Drow’s agent to bait them in. Unfortunately the Drow do not show and the players come to the realization that the Doppelganger may have lied to them. On the following day the players again mount up on the monk’s phantom steeds and head off to Caer Callidyrr. They stay overnight at the Rooster, a pleasant inn in the village of Cullkelan. Upon entry to the inn the players come across a pair of adventurers; one, a female in crimson plate with a raven crest of feather like hair and a male Halfling with a charming disposition. The Halfling introduced himself as Cade and his partner asMycha. Cade was quite talkative and the players invited them to stay and have a drink, but Mycha would have none of it and lead Cade off toward Wick. A very nice evening was had by all. The group awoke refreshed and made the final push to Caer Callidyrr. Upon arrival the players were lead through the sprawling deteriorating city to the ominous megalithic mass that is castle Caer Callidyrr. Once there Cassandra quickly gets the players access to the High Kings court. There they witnessed the Kings justice. In one case a butcher lost his thumbs for weighing his scales and in another incident the Kings Lord Commander was summarily executed for failing to carry out the Kings orders for finding and destroying the Minotaur Raiders plaguing the shores of Alaron. Eventually the players stood before the King and presented the ancient sword.High King Derid Kendrick was very enthusiastic with the relic and with the group’s obvious prowess. He requests of them to take the relic to his brother Prince Jeremy for his upcoming birthday. The adventurers agree and the Kings seneschal pays them each a thousand gold pieces and then begins making arrangements for their travel to the city of Killin on the island of Connacht ruled over by Prince Jeremy Kendrick Having a couple days to wait, the group uses the time to explore the cities resources. Players are capable of locating and buying potions. (2 per player) Churchill takes some time in the castles library to research the cursed item he has bonded with.
Out to sea

You put out to sea on the Fat Lady, Captained by a female Dragonborn named Cillyndrack. Almost immediately Churchill becomes seasick. After several days and as many ports you find yourselves between the islands of Alaron and Snowdown. This water is contested by the Amnian forces that have conquered Snowdown as an inroad to taking the Moonshae Isles. You fail to slip past the Amnian’s and instead have to fight off a boarding party of Buccaneers.
This battle is highlighted with Balthazor leaping onto the enemy ship and using his frightful presence to intimidate the enemy. Also of note were Marvelous leaping into the mix and tearing into the crossbowmen. Churchill harassed the enemy with various spells of a fiery nature and Barrakas ended the enemy captain by pulling him overboard with his pole arm allowing the sea swells to crush the Buccaneer between the two hulls. Kayden Thorn did not seem himself as he spent most the fight firing eldritch bolts to little effect. In the end both the captain and the first mates lifeless bodies sank into the briny depths.
Capturing the buccaneer’s ship, you escort it to the next port where you receive a bounty of 1000gp which you immediately split between the five of you. The Fat Lady transports you several more days travel to the island of Norland to the small city of Rogarsheim where Cillyndrack hires replacement crewmen and turns over the two Amnian crossbowmen which are promptly tried and hung.
As you travel north toward the island of Connacht the weather takes a turn for the worse. That night you are being tossed by fifty foot waves and lashed by freezing wind and rain. You awaken to the screams of panicked crewmen fleeing from above decks warning that the ship is under attack by flying monsters. As you make your way onto the icy deck you see a small flock of Harpies are circling the ships rigging, two petrified crewman huddle prone on the deck.
This battle is highlighted with Marvelous battling various Harpies up in the frigid rigging. After one of the Harpies is killed and their leader bloodied the beasts shriek their frustration and flee.
A couple days later the Fat Lady makes port at Killin just as the sun rises. You leave the ship and make your way through the town and up to Carrach Keep. Here you meet the Captain of the guard Darnaxxus . He is a Dragonborn in blue enameled plate carrying a long sword and a round shield emblazoned with the image of Bahamut. He takes you to meet the keeps seneschal, a Tiefling who turns out to be Barrakas’s uncle. The seneschal speaks to you privately preparing you for an audience with Prince Jeremy Kendrick.
To your surprise the prince, a handsome powerfully built lad in his early twenties, turns out to be a simpleton. His mannerisms reflect a child half his age. He is excited to see you and hopes you have a present for him as it is his birthday. At this point you present him the sword and tell him its history. The Tiefling seneschal known as Lore confirms your account and adds that a barrow three days north east of the keep contains the swords original owner. Within the barrow lie the sheath and pommel stone that go with the sword. Lore offers you each 1000gp if you would travel to the barrow and retrieve the items.
After a long day of travel you reach a large village named Baniff. It is nearly night fall and the townsfolk are rushing to find shelter. A terrified old guardsman named Gus begs you to seek shelter also. You take shelter in the inn. Here you discover that for nearly a week the people of this community have been terrorized by Cyclops, how many they do not know. Sometime later that night you hear a crash in the distance followed by a high pitched female scream. You quickly dash out into the pelting rain and run through the muddy streets in search of your prey. In no time you come across the large humanoid figure about to pass through the shattered outer wall of the town. Shouting a challenge you gain the brutes attention. It slowly turns, its single malevolent eye blinking stupidly.

Cyclops and Bog Hags

You confront the Cyclops whom you see is carrying off two young women. Several of you attack the Monster before he can even begin to react; Marvelous deals a particularly devastating blow. Bloodied before it can even mount a counter attack, the creature drops the females and flees. Just before the Cyclops could lose its self in the tree line Churchill fells it with a well placed magic missile.
Marvelous has little trouble picking up the trail used by the monster and within an hour your group is outside the lair of the Cyclops. The lair appears to be a cave leading into a rocky hillside. A poorly cured hide is draped across the entrance. Sneaking inside the cave, Marvelous scouts out the entrance. Upon his return your group strategizes what to do next.
After some discussion Balthazor marches in, leading the assault. The Cyclops’ prove to be no challenge to your martial prowess and are wiped out. The survivors are freed from the Monsters make shift cage and escorted back to the town of Baniff.
All though the townsfolk are deep in morning for those they lost, they are still very appreciative of your efforts and do what they can to provide you with food, lodging, and comfort.
The next day you venture on toward the Cold Marshes. You spend the night near the swamps edge and set off again early the next day. By late afternoon, after a miserable day of hiking through cold boggy water, biting insects, and noxious fumes, you make your way to the Barrows. You quickly determine that the largest most central barrow is your goal and spend an hour searching for an entrance on the grass covered mound.
You cease searching when you are confronted by a horrific sight. Rising up out of the dark murky water is a wrinkled muck covered hag. She has long stringy black hair. Her lips and gums are black and her tongue looks like a slimy worm or eel twisting around behind her few remaining teeth. She begins a conversation with your group by telling you how very lonely she is and asks for one of you to ease that loneliness. “Give ush a kish”.
Churchill grants her request and is quickly overwhelmed with nausea as he feels what he thinks is her tongue squirming around in his belly. The Hag introduces herself as Gizzella. She asks you what brings you to this desolate dreary place. Once you tell her that you propose to enter the Barrow she informs you that you will need to satisfy one of two requirements. You must either give her the Heart of an innocent, or bring her the heads of the Twin Terrors of the Swamp. “For only the very bad or the very good may enter the Barrow of Jezzoranth.”
Choosing to kill the pair of Black Dragons that hunt these swamps you make a plan. Balthazor stands on the center mound with his sword lit bright and held high above his head as a beacon to draw in the Dragons. The first night you fail to draw anything to you. Gizzella asks Churchill to join her in her dwelling. When he agrees you see she draws him into the murky waters of her home.
The day passes gray and wet. Then, late into the night, as Balthazor stands tall with his sword blazing into the darkened sky, a piercing shriek from high above you announces the arrival of your prey.

Black Dragon Twins and Big Bad Barrows

As you all face the night sky looking for the source of the terrible piercing shriek a bellowing mass of black scaled fury launches out of the mist covered swamp to attack the paladin. As you turn your focus on this threat a sinewy form streaks from the sky attempting to grab and make off with one of you.
You soon realize that the two dragons, though ferocious, are young and inexperienced. With grim satisfaction you wear them down. The male is first to fall beneath your onslaught with the female quick to follow.
Gizzella reappears after you separate the dragons from their heads to claim her prize. Patting Churchill affectionately on the cheek she says “ah sweetie, you could have simply declared your heart to me, but this is nice.” The next several hours are spent harvesting the dragons for their natural resources and then getting an extended rest.
Once you are ready to embark on your mission Gizzella prepares to open the passage. First she says. “I must give you a warning. If you are not out of the Barrow before sundown forever in its depths will you dwell. Also I will give you two clues. Actually they are sort of riddles…I am not very good with riddles…I have so few visitors.” She is obviously excited to have this opportunity. “First, the items you seek lie within this… The man who built it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. Gizzella grins that black toothed grin. Next I will say…the safe path lies on the other side of a jar.” After several minutes of ritualistic casting the grass covered mound falls away to expose a heavy stone door. Her chanting then causes the door to grind slowly open. With that she claps her wrinkled black talon tipped hands excitedly and then sinks back into the mire of the swamp.
You descend into the darkness on a set of stone stairs. Behind you the stone door grinds slowly closed with a dull thud. Balthazar’s sword lights the chamber below. Four large marble statues of armed and armored devils occupy the corners of this chamber. A great throne sits atop a raised stone platform. An iron door resides on the east wall, barred from this side.
A dim nimbus of pale green light manifests around the throne. Slowly a figure in full plate armor holding a full blade manifests, seated on the throne. It is a powerfully built Tiefling with soulful searching eyes. The insubstantial figure speaks. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”
Deciding to use honesty as your motivation you tell the insubstantial figure that you are here for the sheath and gemstone for the sword.
He nods appreciatively. “That is a noble task indeed. And who are you that intrude upon these moldering old bones?”
Again you choose honesty over subterfuge and introduce yourselves by your accepted names. With that the ghostly figure who claims to be Jezzoranth raises the tip of his full blade an inch off the floor and then slams it down with a resounding boom. You instantly teleport into a cross section chamber with iron doors to the north, south, east, and west. A feint voice drifs from above. “You must prove worthy to confront me.” The doors to the north and south are slightly open causing the paladin to remark that they are ajar and that this may well be the hag’s first riddle. Agreeing, you take the north door and follow the spiral staircase up.
This leads you to another door. Opening it you find a large chamber. A ten foot wide ramp stretches out across the room from your door to one directly across from it. Splitting that ramp is another midway in the room. This ramp leads from the wall to your right across the room to a set of stairs leading onto a balcony to your left. The balcony goes from one end of the room to the other. Two arcane circles give off a dim light in this chamber. One is at the intersection of the two room spanning ramps while the other is fifteen feet down on the bone covered floor. Standing in the upper circle is a large Bone Golem.
As the Bone Golem is attacked another foe intervenes. It is an undead creature known as a Skeletal Inquisitor. It manages to force the Paladin off the ramp and onto the floor below, revealing the floor for a necrotic hazard. Churchill then summons a magma creature to deal with the Inquisitor. The Inquisitors true threat is revealed when it makes short work of the magma creature.
Barrakus determines your best strategy is to destroy the Inquisitor as fast as possible. Complying, Churchill uses Twist of Space to teleport the Inquisitor out onto the ramp next to the Bone Golem. With it exposed you are able to focus your powers on the monster. When you also bloody the Golem causing its bone volley to erupt, the Inquisitor is dazed along with the other conditions you have heaped upon it.
The Warlord then uses his pole arm to drop the Inquisitor down below where the Paladin can confront it; short moments later you destroy both the Golem and the Inquisitor. After a short rest and some investigation, you discover that the only means of egress from the chamber is the upper arcane teleport circle.
Using the circle you find yourselves in a ten foot wide hallway. The hall stretches out before you some forty five feet, turning to the left. The feint drip of water can be heard ahead.

Iron Golems and Undead Tieflings

You travel down the hall. Balthazor peers about the corner taking in the chamber. A set of stairs descend into a long narrow chamber. The floor appears to be covered by perhaps 8” of rust colored water. The walls are cut stone and the ceiling 15’ above your heads is made up of irregular plates of rusted iron bolted into stone. Water drips from the plates into the water covering the floor. The Paladin activates his magical boots and walks across the water to a door on the chambers far side. Following his lead Churchill uses his staff to check the floor before him and also makes it to the far door. The door has three locks set into its rusted iron surface. When Balthazor checks to see if the door is indeed locked he sets off a chain of events.
First, the stone slabs that made up the floor in the hall smash upward from the teleporting circle to the stairway causing you to be thrown into the chamber. Second, a great ten foot by ten foot square of rusted plate metal drops from the ceiling nearly pulverizing the Paladin and the Wizard, cold marsh water rushes in from the whole left by the metallic cube. Third, the cube unfolds into a large metallic monstrosity known as a lesser Iron Golem.
Each of you begins using your various powers to tear into the rust covered monster. Marvelous discovers a pit in the floor under the rusty water when he moves to attack the Golem. As time passes several of you take damage from the constructs cleaver like appendages and all the while the water rises higher and higher. Soon you realize that the three locks will need to be successfully navigated before there will be any hope of escaping this flooding chamber.
Barrakas manages the final blow with his spear, downing the construct. Its metal plates swirl down into the pit. At that moment iron plates magically shore up the ceiling giving you a respite to pick the locks. Fearing another metal cube might drop into the room you quickly navigate past the three locks and throw open the door. Behind it you find a spiral stairway leading up.
Following the stairs you come to a barred door. After taking a short rest Marvelous helps Barrakas force the door. This open door reveals you have made your way back to the statue filled chamber of Jezzoranth. Several of you attempt to open a dialogue with the insubstantial Tiefling, but he shows no interest in talk. You spread out tactically to fight the undead former emperor. Churchill summons both the Hell Hound and his Flaming Sphere. Marvelous moves to attack Jezzoranth provoking an attack of opportunity from one of the large marble statues of armored sword wielding devils. The Paladin also attacks Jezzoranth, which inspires the Tiefling to teleport to the center of the room.
What follows is Jezzoranth focusing the majority of his attacks on Churchill in an effort to destroy the Mage and his summoned minions. Alas he could not do enough damage to overtake the Warlords healing effects. As Jezzoranth is smote his undead form collapses and in its place forms a more ghostly image. Beside him rises the ghostly form of the Bog Hag Gizzella. As you watch she transforms into a beautiful woman. Jezzoranth salutes you and appears to mouth words of thanks. The two apparitions then fade from site.
You then spend time locating Jezzoranth’s sarcophagus in which you find the treasures you sought. After loading up your new found loot you begin the three day slog back to Prince Jeremy’s keep. The travel through the swamp and beyond is uneventful and you find your selves back in the Prince’s court.
When first you arrive Lore is busy speaking to a pair of richly attired merchants. Upon seeing you, Lore politely but firmly excuses himself of the merchants company. The two merchants stroll past you with satisfied smiles on their smug entitled faces.
The items are inspected by Lore. Once he is convinced they are safe, he hands them over to the Prince.
In his own exuberant way the Prince takes both the gem and the sheath. He stands dramatically and straps the sheath to his waste. He then takes the clear gem and holds it to the pommel of the sword, his tongue at the corner of his mouth in rapt concentration; when the gem snaps into position all sound ceases in the chamber. Reality seems to expand and contract. Pressure builds in your ears and is then released with a sudden pop.
Jeremy straitens from his task. His eyes gain a clear focus. The Prince looks about the room as if seeing all within for the first time.
The Prince speaks. “A veil has been lifted from my mind. You have removed a curse that has hindered me since birth. For that I thank you.”
“But as I sift through my memories from this new perspective I see there is much that must be done.”
“For too long has my rule been hampered by those who would benefit from my condition…that ends now.”
“My authority has been undermined by the Guilds. My people suffer unduly because of the greed of a few.”
“You have done so much to aid me. Might I induce you to aid me once more? I need leverage in reigning in the various Guilds. Will you accept this daunting task?”


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