Wyvern Gear

Collar, Crop, and Saddle


a. Each PC will be provided with a magical crop, collar, and saddle for use with the wyverns.
b. The Wyverns must be reduced to 0hp and unconscious to be subdued. At that point the magical collars provided by Jeremy’s wizards may be placed upon the creatures.
c. The wyverns can only be used in combat while mounted unless I decide otherwise. For now the PC’s will be treated as if they have the mounted feat as long as they have the magic items in use with the mount.
d. The magic within the collar will change each wyvern’s cosmetic appearance for ease of recognition. Each player may choose the appearance of their mount.
e. Each PC must name their mount for the bonding effect of the collar to function.
f. It would be interesting if each mount had a personality trait, especially if a cool but minor mechanical effect was also tied to the trait.
g. The collar allows the Wyvern to understand simple commands. Hunt, stay, sleep, etc are well within this range. What the creature might hunt might be difficult to convey.


Wyvern Gear

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