The Soulshard Gems


Soulshard gems:

These gems splinter off a portion of a person’s soul to another plane of existence. Therefore, unless both soul fragments are killed at the same time, the person cannot be truly killed.
If deprived of food, water, air, etc. to the point where a person would normally die, an individual whose soul has been split will not die, but instead fall into a coma until such time that air, food, water, etc. is provided. Once they have access to the resource from which they have been deprived they are unconscious save ends.
If killed outright the persons soul cannot pass. The person gains the following conditions, Bloodied, Insubstantial, and Weakened. These conditions last until a way is found to raise the body. The person cannot be killed again, but if reduced to zero HP the individual is temporarily banished until some form of healing is directed toward their spirit, or the person rolls a 20 on a death save, or the encounter ends. In the case of rolling a 20 or the encounter ending the player returns to half HP and the Weakened/Insubstantial conditions.
The Soulshard gem also allows its host the ability to view the skeins of fate as a minor action. If the skein is powerful enough it may be viewed passively. Do to the nature of the gem and its ability to make its host nearly immortal it sometimes becomes necessary to shatter the bond and cut ones on skein to allow a person to sacrifice their own life for the life of another. To do this the host may spend a free action to cut their own skein to reinforce another individual’s skein. If this is done that individual cannot die for the next 24 hours. Should a player choose this action allow them to do something truly heroic. Also, explain to the player that if this is done they are truly dead and unable to return to life in this reality.
A benefit to the Soulshard gem is that after an extended rest a person may choose to activate an alternate build for their class. Therefore, a Brutal Rogue could choose instead to awaken as an Essentials Thief. There is no limit to the builds a player may have stored, as they are drawing from an infinite world of possibilities.
The gem has a flat facet that can affix to a weapon, armor, shield, forehead, or chest. If it is affixed to an item and that item is misplaced or stolen, the item can be summoned at the end of an extended rest. If the gem is placed upon the forehead or chest it will sink part way into the flesh. The player can then imagine a place they have been and at the end of an extended rest they can teleport their as a standard action.
Gem colors and properties
Clear: This gem belongs to Jeremy.
White: Resist cold 5/10/15
Black: Resist necrotic 5/10/15
Red: Resist fire 5/10/15
Blue: Resist lightning 5/10/15
Yellow: Resist acid 5/10/15
Each gem also grants a daily power dependent on the player’s role.
Defender: You may double the penalty of your mark until the end of your next turn.
Controller: You may double the effect of a spell, other than damage, until the end of your next turn.
Striker: On a miss you still do half damage until the end of your next turn.
Leader: You may cast resist all 5/10/15 as an immediate interrupt. Recipients must be able to either see or hear the leader. The resist lasts until the end of the leaders next turn.
I reserve the right to add or remove features and properties of the gems as my story requires.


The Soulshard Gems

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