• Brennon


    A tall broad human with a patchy brown beard.
  • Cade


    Chatty halfling wearing cloth and leathers. He has short curly brown hair.
  • Cassandra


    Slim Tiefling female with ebon horns and auburn hair. Scholar to House Kendrick
  • Ched and Harrok

    Ched and Harrok

    These two are a pair of farm hands.
  • Darnaxxus


    Darnaxxus is the Captain of the Guard. His scaly hide is golden in appearance and his eyes seem to miss nothing. He has a civil, cool demeanor. He wears blue enameled full plate armor. He wields a long sword and carries a round blue shield with the sigil
  • Ellenore


    proprietor of the Startled Raven. Stern woman of forty odd years.
  • Gwen


    • Gwen is a thin handsome woman, also in her early 50’s. Her here hair is pulled up into a bun, yet an errant strand is constantly provoking her hand to brush it out of her eyes.
  • High King Derid Kendrick

    High King Derid Kendrick

    Derid is an imposing figure of a man
  • Jack Straw

    Jack Straw

    An elderly brewer, is enthusiastic to have visitors.
  • Kacey


    Ellenores eight year old daughter, sick with fever.
  • Karl


    Karl is a plump man in his 50’s; he has a half circle of white hair fringing his mostly bald scalp. He constantly wipes his hands dry on his clean but thread worn apron
  • Konner


    Medium built human with a mop of dark hair and bright green eyes.
  • Lore


    The Seneschal
  • Lyddia


    • Lyddia is an ample bodied lass with strawberry blonde hair and an easy smile. Her laughter infuses the inn with a merry atmosphere.
  • Mycha


    a tall powerfully built woman in crimson plate mail with a full blade strapped to her back. The sides of her head are shaven and a raven crest of feather like hair juts to the midpoint of her shoulders.
  • One-eyed Willy

    One-eyed Willy

    Sturdy looking man in his mid forties. Patch over his left eye.
  • Prince Jeremy Kendrick

    Prince Jeremy Kendrick

    Younger brother of High King Derid Kendrick
  • Ron the Baker

    Ron the Baker

    Heavy man with a short cropped beard.
  • Story Lady

    Story Lady

    Story Lady is a lovely blonde woman with a curvy physique. She watches over the Prince, reading him stories and helping him with his day to day activities. She has a wicked smile and a flirtatious nature.
  • •	Queen Elsa Kendrick

    • Queen Elsa Kendrick

    Lady Elsa is a noble woman of 27 years of age.