The Awakened

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Marvelous, Barrakas, Balthazor, and Churchill find themselves standing on a muddy road shouldered by heavy forest, being lashed by wind and rain. A stranger(Kayden) walking down the road asks them why they do not have the sense to get in out of the rain. Together the five of them head down to the weathered inn that was a hundred yards or so down the road from where they were standing. They try to walk in, find the door barred, and then pound on it for admittance. A short time later they are allowed entry. They discover the inn (Startled Raven) is very run down and that there are only a handful of patrons within. The group orders food and drinks and rooms for the night. After their meals and some socializing with some of the patrons the players go off to their rooms. Barrakas takes pity on the proprietor’s daughter Kacey who is suffering from the flue and a mild case of pneumonia, and spends the night aiding her with her illness. Later that night, Balthazor awakens to a person going through his things. Startled, the intruder flees. The Paladin pursues, shouting an alarm to the others. Balthazor follows until he discovers the trap door the intruder escaped down. Shortly thereafter the rest of the group meets up with the Paladin. They confer and decide to gear up before continuing the pursuit into the deep shaft. Balthazor leads the way into the shaft. When he drops down into the subterranean chamber he is immediately fired upon by a pair of Drow warriors. The other players drop into the chamber and divide up against the two Drow. A Drow Spellspinner and some flesh spiders also join the fray. In short order the spiders and one of the Drow warriors are killed. The other Warrior is intimidated into surrendering and the Spellspinner is rendered unconscious. The Drow are searched and parchments are discovered that indicate a plot to darken the sun. The players question the two Drow and then execute them. Using the information provided by the Drow the players discover an adjoining chamber accessed by a secret door. The chamber contains a portal to the Underdark. Churchill determines that he could temporarily or permanently disable it. He chooses to leave it be for the time being. The group also learned of a Doppelganger agent of the Drow who was heading to a small town called Wick. They decide to attempt to find and stop the agent from fulfilling his mission. Heading back up into the inn, the group question Ellenore about her involvement with the Drow. She admits she complied with the Drow, but only out of fear. The players did not seem to believe her, but they also chose not to harm her. Marvelous conjured phantom steeds for the group and then they headed south to Wick. Sometime after their midday meal they stumble upon a group of raiders. An enormous black skinned Ogre with fiery red tattoos leads a band of six Orcs. Churchill makes short work of the majority of the Orcs. Balthazor takes the brunt of the brute’s damage as its great maul sends the Paladin flying time and again. The players make short work of the monster, with Marvelous dealing the melee damage, while Kayden and the rest attack from afar. After looting the raiders the players find some gold, an 11th level magic item, and an ancient sword, a relic of Tiefling lineage. An hour further down the road they come across the smoking wreckage of a caravan. One survivor clings to life in the carnage. Barrakas heals her. The survivor is a Tiefling sage in the employ of House Kendrick named Cassandra. She asks that the players accompany her and get the relic to Caer Callidyrr and present it to the High King. The following day the group makes their way into the small town of Wick. They complete a skill challenge to locate the Doppelganger and lure it into a trap. Once trapped and defeated they learn the Doppelganger is in fact a female. When questioned she readily gives up any and all information requested of her. The players learn that she is to meet with a group of Drow that very night and give them a set of encrypted instructions. The group takes the instructions. The Doppelganger makes the mistake of spitting into the monks eye one too many times and he beats her to death. The players waste no time finding and scouting out the drop point. They set up an ambush and even find a body double to act as the Drow’s agent to bait them in. Unfortunately the Drow do not show and the players come to the realization that the Doppelganger may have lied to them. On the following day the players again mount up on the monk’s phantom steeds and head off to Caer Callidyrr. They stay overnight at the Rooster, a pleasant inn in the village of Cullkelan. Upon entry to the inn the players come across a pair of adventurers; one, a female in crimson plate with a raven crest of feather like hair and a male Halfling with a charming disposition. The Halfling introduced himself as Cade and his partner asMycha. Cade was quite talkative and the players invited them to stay and have a drink, but Mycha would have none of it and lead Cade off toward Wick. A very nice evening was had by all. The group awoke refreshed and made the final push to Caer Callidyrr. Upon arrival the players were lead through the sprawling deteriorating city to the ominous megalithic mass that is castle Caer Callidyrr. Once there Cassandra quickly gets the players access to the High Kings court. There they witnessed the Kings justice. In one case a butcher lost his thumbs for weighing his scales and in another incident the Kings Lord Commander was summarily executed for failing to carry out the Kings orders for finding and destroying the Minotaur Raiders plaguing the shores of Alaron. Eventually the players stood before the King and presented the ancient sword.High King Derid Kendrick was very enthusiastic with the relic and with the group’s obvious prowess. He requests of them to take the relic to his brother Prince Jeremy for his upcoming birthday. The adventurers agree and the Kings seneschal pays them each a thousand gold pieces and then begins making arrangements for their travel to the city of Killin on the island of Connacht ruled over by Prince Jeremy Kendrick Having a couple days to wait, the group uses the time to explore the cities resources. Players are capable of locating and buying potions. (2 per player) Churchill takes some time in the castles library to research the cursed item he has bonded with.


I believe it should be noted that Marvelus created the phantom steeds. :)

Welcome back

Noted and corrected.

Welcome back

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