The Awakened

Spider's, Roper's, and Trog's, Oh my!

You are the first to notice the transformation taking place in the night skies. The stars twinkle in the heavens as always—but they are strange. They glow luridly with weird colors, spreading fear and wonder in all who behold them. Familiar constellations vanish, re-form, or shift to new locations.
With winter ending the Prince once more requests your aid in helping the Realm. Lady Vi has come across information that could lead to the recovery of an Illithid Nautilus. The Prince desires that you find and claim this prize.
Kayden is kept back, the Prince claiming he has other missions requiring the Warlock’s touch. The rest of you mount up on your newly procured Wyverns and travel north for three days to a small rocky island.
You spot several small fishing villages along the islands coast. After inquiring at a couple of the villages you learn that they have all suffered from a rash of disappearances. People have vanished from their homes in the middle of the night. Other people have gone fishing and only their boats are recovered.
Following the information detailed to you by Lady Vi you decide to ask about the islands volcanic vents. The villagers point you toward one of the larger vents, east of their village. Within minutes you locate the vent and drop into its dark depths on the leathery wings of your mounts.
Balthazor lights the way with his sword. Suddenly a vast swarm of bats engulfs you. The bats vary in size from normal to monsters with a six foot wingspan. Just as the bats thin out a gigantic web appears, blocking your path.
Barrakas and Churchill pull up in time, but Balthazor and Marvelous careen into the webbing, their mounts entangling themselves further in their desperate efforts to escape. The thrashing Wyverns draw the attention of a huge spider and her swarming brood.
Marvelous and Balthazor contend with the webs sticky nature while attacking the spiders. A Crag Roper uses the distraction caused by the chaos to ambush Barrakas. It snatches the Warlord off his mount and reels him in for a bite.
As the fight continues Marvelous and Churchill pair up on the spiders, while Barrakas and Balthazor suffer the grabbing tentacles and toothy maw of the Roper. Churchill’s fiery attacks ignite the webbing causing additional damage to anyone touching the webs. After several tense moments the two entangled Wyvern manage to break free and launch skyward.
Marvelous and Churchill finish the spiders and then move in to assist in killing the Roper. Churchill risks harming the party by summoning a wall of fire to block off the Roper. The Roper moves below the webs in an effort to escape the flames. Churchill’s arcane abilities force the beast back into the flames, killing it.
Shortly before that event the Warlord cleverly uses his pole arm to hook into the webbing above his head and swings to safety once the Roper’s grip is broken. Balthazor is fortunate to be partially in the webbing as the beast dies; allowing him to avoid plummeting down the dark shaft of the vent with the Ropers flaming corpse.
You discover the spider’s lair and search it for anything valuable. Ages worth of corpses provide a small horde of gold and even a couple of magical items. After a brief rest you mount up and descend further into the vents depths.
Finally you come to the point where the vent hits water. This informs you that you are on level with the underground lake Lady Vi spoke of. Steam rises from the water and you learn that it is scalding hot. You infer that an incredible heat source would be required to super heat so much water.
The lower part of the vent near the water is honey combed with tunnels and fissures. You set off to find the lake picking a promising looking tunnel. The tunnels create a bizarre labyrinth. A group of Troglodytes jumps you at a cross section of tunnel.
You endure little difficulty dealing with the Trog’s. You quickly set off again, as more Trog’s can be heard throughout the nearby caverns.



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