The Awakened

Of Ettin's and Wyvern

As you stand before the central tunnel you observe a flock of raven scattered about before you. The birds peck and bob about. A particularly large raven picks at the leather strap of a rusted battle axe lying in the tall grass.
You shoe off the birds and examine the leather strapping to see what had the old bird’s attention. You carefully unwind the strap from the haft of the weapon. The leather appears to be black eel skin. Small silver-white skulls are embossed along its surface.
After several minutes of study you determine that the strap is magical. Its property is death. On a lucky strike a foe could be killed instantly. Conversely, on an unlucky strike the wielder could be struck down. You decide that the item is not worth the risk to use on common opponents, but keep it, with the thought that it may prove of use on an uncommon foe.
The group decides to leave the remaining horses outside the caverns. Leading the ox you head inside the dark stony interior. Midway through the cavern you begin to hear heavy footsteps sounding from several side tunnels. In moments you are accosted by a pair of skeletal Cyclops and a small horde of undead Orcs. As you wade into the undead menace you are confronted by their leader; an Ettin wearing the garb of a death priest of Orcus.
While combating the host of undead you are verbally berated by the Ettin for your crimes against his Dark Lord Orcus. It appears Orcus has taken exception to your interfering in his machinations with the Keep on the Shadowfell and with killing his priest Kalarel.
The battle goes quickly until you come to the realization that the Ettin can reanimate your undead foes at will. With this in mind it becomes your imperative to take out this leader immediately. Churchill summons a wall of fire and a magma beast which plays havoc amongst the undead minions and cuts the Ettin off from his source bodies to raise. You make short work of your foes after that.
Your group spends a few moments resting and patching up any wounds before reclaiming the wounded ox and leading it the rest of the way through the cavern. You make your way up a stony switch back and arrive in a natural amphitheatre. Placing the ox in the center of the amphitheatre you spread the magical blood paste over the beast and then stand back to watch the skies.
In short minutes the sky is filled with half a dozen of the winged reptilian monsters. They pounce on the ox and tear it to bloody shreds. At that point Marvelous moves in and unleashes a torrent of fire upon the feasting creatures. As he pulls back the wyvern respond by hopping toward him and lashing out with their stinging tails. Churchill also lets loose with a barrage of fire. As the rest of the group piles on the Wyvern a great shadow passes overhead.
A huge wyvern drops from the sky landing on one of the downed smaller wyvern. It faces off with Marvelous, challenging him for its prey. The Half-Orc strikes the great winged beast driving it into a frenzy. It slams its sting tipped tail into the ground on each side of the monk, unable to pin him down. As the rest of the party close in on the monstrous wyvern it grows frustrated and launches itself skyward. Angling its great bat like wings it dives at the Monk. A word of warning from the Warlord gives Marvelous the edge he needs to not only avoid being grabbed up in its claws, but also allows him to get in one last strike before the creature decides to simply fly off and search for easier prey elsewhere.
You then unpack the magical gear given you by Prince Jeremy and begin the process of strapping and cinching on the saddle and collar. After that it is a simple matter of reviving and healing the Wyvern. You realize that the magic of the collars allows you to alter the cosmetic appearance of your mounts. The saddle grants you the ability to control and fly the beasts as if you had proper training in such skills.
Mounted upon your new scaly prizes you soon launch up into the grey skies of the Moonshae’s and head over the seas to the island of Connacht.



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