The Awakened

Iron Golems and Undead Tieflings

You travel down the hall. Balthazor peers about the corner taking in the chamber. A set of stairs descend into a long narrow chamber. The floor appears to be covered by perhaps 8” of rust colored water. The walls are cut stone and the ceiling 15’ above your heads is made up of irregular plates of rusted iron bolted into stone. Water drips from the plates into the water covering the floor. The Paladin activates his magical boots and walks across the water to a door on the chambers far side. Following his lead Churchill uses his staff to check the floor before him and also makes it to the far door. The door has three locks set into its rusted iron surface. When Balthazor checks to see if the door is indeed locked he sets off a chain of events.
First, the stone slabs that made up the floor in the hall smash upward from the teleporting circle to the stairway causing you to be thrown into the chamber. Second, a great ten foot by ten foot square of rusted plate metal drops from the ceiling nearly pulverizing the Paladin and the Wizard, cold marsh water rushes in from the whole left by the metallic cube. Third, the cube unfolds into a large metallic monstrosity known as a lesser Iron Golem.
Each of you begins using your various powers to tear into the rust covered monster. Marvelous discovers a pit in the floor under the rusty water when he moves to attack the Golem. As time passes several of you take damage from the constructs cleaver like appendages and all the while the water rises higher and higher. Soon you realize that the three locks will need to be successfully navigated before there will be any hope of escaping this flooding chamber.
Barrakas manages the final blow with his spear, downing the construct. Its metal plates swirl down into the pit. At that moment iron plates magically shore up the ceiling giving you a respite to pick the locks. Fearing another metal cube might drop into the room you quickly navigate past the three locks and throw open the door. Behind it you find a spiral stairway leading up.
Following the stairs you come to a barred door. After taking a short rest Marvelous helps Barrakas force the door. This open door reveals you have made your way back to the statue filled chamber of Jezzoranth. Several of you attempt to open a dialogue with the insubstantial Tiefling, but he shows no interest in talk. You spread out tactically to fight the undead former emperor. Churchill summons both the Hell Hound and his Flaming Sphere. Marvelous moves to attack Jezzoranth provoking an attack of opportunity from one of the large marble statues of armored sword wielding devils. The Paladin also attacks Jezzoranth, which inspires the Tiefling to teleport to the center of the room.
What follows is Jezzoranth focusing the majority of his attacks on Churchill in an effort to destroy the Mage and his summoned minions. Alas he could not do enough damage to overtake the Warlords healing effects. As Jezzoranth is smote his undead form collapses and in its place forms a more ghostly image. Beside him rises the ghostly form of the Bog Hag Gizzella. As you watch she transforms into a beautiful woman. Jezzoranth salutes you and appears to mouth words of thanks. The two apparitions then fade from site.
You then spend time locating Jezzoranth’s sarcophagus in which you find the treasures you sought. After loading up your new found loot you begin the three day slog back to Prince Jeremy’s keep. The travel through the swamp and beyond is uneventful and you find your selves back in the Prince’s court.
When first you arrive Lore is busy speaking to a pair of richly attired merchants. Upon seeing you, Lore politely but firmly excuses himself of the merchants company. The two merchants stroll past you with satisfied smiles on their smug entitled faces.
The items are inspected by Lore. Once he is convinced they are safe, he hands them over to the Prince.
In his own exuberant way the Prince takes both the gem and the sheath. He stands dramatically and straps the sheath to his waste. He then takes the clear gem and holds it to the pommel of the sword, his tongue at the corner of his mouth in rapt concentration; when the gem snaps into position all sound ceases in the chamber. Reality seems to expand and contract. Pressure builds in your ears and is then released with a sudden pop.
Jeremy straitens from his task. His eyes gain a clear focus. The Prince looks about the room as if seeing all within for the first time.
The Prince speaks. “A veil has been lifted from my mind. You have removed a curse that has hindered me since birth. For that I thank you.”
“But as I sift through my memories from this new perspective I see there is much that must be done.”
“For too long has my rule been hampered by those who would benefit from my condition…that ends now.”
“My authority has been undermined by the Guilds. My people suffer unduly because of the greed of a few.”
“You have done so much to aid me. Might I induce you to aid me once more? I need leverage in reigning in the various Guilds. Will you accept this daunting task?”



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