The Awakened

Hangmen and Bulette

Upon the Princes request you investigate the workings of the various merchant and craft guilds. Over several days you put together a list of individuals who hold the most influence over the guilds. One name leads to another until you determine the identity of the Guild Master. You also discover the Guild Master controls both the Thieves guild and the local Black Market. Topping off this list of activities is involvement with a cult of Lycanthropes.
You arrest the Guild Master Gavin and his two top allies Fendrel and Bryce. There is a public trial showcasing the corruption of the Guilds that result in a verdict of guilty of treason against the Realm. A week later you go to the plaza to witness the public execution.
The townsfolk are shocked when the Guild Master survives the hanging and shifts into a monstrous lycanthropic hybrid. They scatter as the beast tears through their screaming bodies to reach you. After a rousing battle you manage to finish the execution that the hangman’s rope failed to produce.
Another week or so passes and you are again summoned to Prince Jeremy’s court. He awards you a royal charter for your deeds and for deeds yet to be performed. In addition he provides each of you with a set of gear for taming wild Wyvern for use as a flying mounts.
Following instructions provided to you by Lore you find yourselves stranded on a small island east of Connacht. On horseback the five of you lead an ox across grassy plains heading toward the cliffs at the islands interior.
Midway across the plain you begin skirting a dense forest. From the forests depths emerge a flock of fledgling green dragons that swarm over you, attacking with poisonous bites and breath. Just as you begin to turn the fight to your advantage a huge Bulette erupts beneath you, scattering both men and mounts. The situation becomes even more dire when a second wave of green dragons bursts from the forests edge.
After a pitched battle you manage to slay the Dragons and drive off the Bulette. You then complete the trek to the cliff face. There before you are three tunnels. Your map suggests you use the center tunnel.



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