The Awakened

Dragons Fall

Several moments pass as Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls devise a new tactic and attack from range. This tactic is more of a threat to you but Churchill’s freezing spheres decimate wave after wave of the Dragons slaves. The Paladin meanwhile soaks up incredible amounts of abuse intervening himself between the monsters and his allies.
The Dragon vaults off its perch. A quick beat of its vast wings takes it to the caverns ceiling. There the beast latches on with its hooked talons. The Dragon rages at its minions to sacrifice themselves to the cause of destroying you. It then begins slamming its tail into stalactites, causing a rain of sharp rocks to tear into you.
At this point Churchill’s cursed item causes one of his spells to backlash, stunning him. Seeing an opportunity the Dragon drops from the ceiling to launch a series of attacks on the mage. It is at first disappointed that Churchill is immune to its flames, but is then quickly contented to realize he is quite vulnerable to poison.
Sensing the mages imminent demise, Marvelous rushes forward. The Monk inflicts a blow so severe it temporarily blinds the Dragon. The Warlord is quick to take advantage of the distraction and drives his Greatspear into the Dragons scale covered hide with the Force of Fellowship maneuver. Then, drawing upon his inner reserves, Barrakas twists the spear with the Stand the Fallen ploy. In all the Warlord inflicted massive damage to the creature and in turn buoys’s the spirits of his companions.
Kayden, not to be left out, leaps to the Warlords side and strikes the killing blow to the Volcanic Dragon. The beast reels back, spewing flame and ash. Its wings shatter against the caverns stone walls and its tail shudders amongst the fallen dead. At the sight of the Dragons passing the remaining humanoids flee into the caverns depths.
You catch your breath and then search the cavern for a means of scaling the plateau. In time you discover a ladder like stair carved into the cliff face. Once on top you find a large scalding pool of sulfuric water and four magma spewing vents.
Within the scalding pools depths you find the Dragons hoard. Its treasure consists of a mountain of gold, several powerful magical items, and a curious scroll tube. Within the tube you find a parchment. This parchment holds three charges of a spell that allows vast volumes of liquid to have its temperature altered. Scalding can be changed to temperate or freezing and or any combination thereof.
You gather up your rewards, perform the ritual that transfers the Dragons mind into a magical crystal given you by the Illithids, and then make your way back to the Mind Flayers ship.
Anticipating your return, the Illithid meet you at the ship. The creatures are not what you expect. From what you ever heard of these Underdark horrors they are described universally as male. These horrors are cloaked in cowls and robes. Their faces hidden within the shadows of their cowls, only the glint of a white orb or the flash of a writhing tentacle gives truth to their appearance. They are nearly seven feet tall and the curves beneath the robes are decidedly female.
The Illithids communicate directly to your mind. Instead of the cold methodical droning of the Thrall, the voice coils through your mind like a gurgling black thread. The Illithids are satisfied with your endeavor and immediately commence to work on getting the Nautiloid operational.
Several days later, just as the final touches are being made to the flight controls and the planar shifting console, the water about the ship begins to boil with the frantic thrashing of Aboleth tentacles. Dozens of the abhorrent horrors surround the ship and prepare to board it. The Illithids inform you that they need just a couple more moments to make good your escape. You must hold off the Aboleth’s.
Churchill, recalling the scrolled parchment quickly turns the surrounding water into a scalding cauldron. Screaming the Aboleth retreat’s out of the blistering hot water adjoining the ship. The distraction is successful and the Illithids force the ancient ship to lurch up out of the lakes dark grip.
As the ship rises the Illithid quickly maneuver various knobs and toggles and suddenly the dark cavern interior takes on a grey, soulless atmosphere. You find yourselves in the Shadowfell. In this reality the cavern ceiling opens to the grey lifeless skies above.
Hours later you skim across the peaked roofs of Killin. The early morning light reveals the looks of wonder and horror upon the cities populous. Prince Jeremy, Lore, and Captain Darnaxxus emerge from the Keep. The Prince is elated with your success. He insists on coming aboard and seeing the wonders of the ship and its crew. You note that the Prince is curious about the Illithids but shows no fear of them. He then asks for a full review of what took place.
After you have finished with your tale the Prince congratulates you on a job well done. He then insists that the deal arranged between yourselves and the Illithids be cemented with a binding contract…for the protection of both parties. Several days later he brings you a legal document and has you and the Illithid sign it.
You are granted a week long leave to arrange your finances, organize your magical items, and relax in any way you like.
After your leave is concluded the Prince invites you back to the keep. He requests another task of you. The Prince explains that he desires a special suit of magical armor to gift to the man he hopes to recruit as his General.
The dwarves who can create this armor have been chased from their homelands on the island of Gwynneth by evil Fey and have fled to the Island of Alaron through the Dwarvenhome tunnels.
Prince Jeremy wants you to offer Clan Rustfire his aid in regaining their homelands in return for said armor. This aid will come in the form of the Princes own military might.
The trip back to the Island of Alaron takes you only a few days, where before you spent nearly two weeks by sea. Following instructions from Lore you find the Dwarven Hold atop the Fairheight mountain range. There is a small dust up of activity from the guards but you manage to convince them of your benign intent.
With your offer of help you are quickly taken before the Clan leader Brym Rustfire. The gout stricken dwarf bids you sit as he is in too much pain to remain standing with you. You lay out the Princes terms and the dwarf goes over the armors instructions and looks through the chest full of material components.
He is at first angry that you are mocking him. Three items needed on the list are not in the trunk. The missing items are the eyes of a Medusa, the scales of a Gorgon, and the tongue of a Succubus. Coincidently a mob lead by these very same creatures only recently overran the lower portion of the Holds mines, a portion that includes the forge needed for creating this armor the Prince desires.
You quickly assure him that if there are any shenanigans involved you are not responsible for them. You volunteer to acquire the items and free the lower hold from the monsters grip. Appeased the Clan leader provides you with a map of the area in question.
He explains that the only viable way into the hold is down a lone elevator shaft that descends 300 feet into the mines staging area.
You then spend several moments considering how you can sneak down the shaft.



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