The Awakened

Black Dragon Twins and Big Bad Barrows

As you all face the night sky looking for the source of the terrible piercing shriek a bellowing mass of black scaled fury launches out of the mist covered swamp to attack the paladin. As you turn your focus on this threat a sinewy form streaks from the sky attempting to grab and make off with one of you.
You soon realize that the two dragons, though ferocious, are young and inexperienced. With grim satisfaction you wear them down. The male is first to fall beneath your onslaught with the female quick to follow.
Gizzella reappears after you separate the dragons from their heads to claim her prize. Patting Churchill affectionately on the cheek she says “ah sweetie, you could have simply declared your heart to me, but this is nice.” The next several hours are spent harvesting the dragons for their natural resources and then getting an extended rest.
Once you are ready to embark on your mission Gizzella prepares to open the passage. First she says. “I must give you a warning. If you are not out of the Barrow before sundown forever in its depths will you dwell. Also I will give you two clues. Actually they are sort of riddles…I am not very good with riddles…I have so few visitors.” She is obviously excited to have this opportunity. “First, the items you seek lie within this… The man who built it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. Gizzella grins that black toothed grin. Next I will say…the safe path lies on the other side of a jar.” After several minutes of ritualistic casting the grass covered mound falls away to expose a heavy stone door. Her chanting then causes the door to grind slowly open. With that she claps her wrinkled black talon tipped hands excitedly and then sinks back into the mire of the swamp.
You descend into the darkness on a set of stone stairs. Behind you the stone door grinds slowly closed with a dull thud. Balthazar’s sword lights the chamber below. Four large marble statues of armed and armored devils occupy the corners of this chamber. A great throne sits atop a raised stone platform. An iron door resides on the east wall, barred from this side.
A dim nimbus of pale green light manifests around the throne. Slowly a figure in full plate armor holding a full blade manifests, seated on the throne. It is a powerfully built Tiefling with soulful searching eyes. The insubstantial figure speaks. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”
Deciding to use honesty as your motivation you tell the insubstantial figure that you are here for the sheath and gemstone for the sword.
He nods appreciatively. “That is a noble task indeed. And who are you that intrude upon these moldering old bones?”
Again you choose honesty over subterfuge and introduce yourselves by your accepted names. With that the ghostly figure who claims to be Jezzoranth raises the tip of his full blade an inch off the floor and then slams it down with a resounding boom. You instantly teleport into a cross section chamber with iron doors to the north, south, east, and west. A feint voice drifs from above. “You must prove worthy to confront me.” The doors to the north and south are slightly open causing the paladin to remark that they are ajar and that this may well be the hag’s first riddle. Agreeing, you take the north door and follow the spiral staircase up.
This leads you to another door. Opening it you find a large chamber. A ten foot wide ramp stretches out across the room from your door to one directly across from it. Splitting that ramp is another midway in the room. This ramp leads from the wall to your right across the room to a set of stairs leading onto a balcony to your left. The balcony goes from one end of the room to the other. Two arcane circles give off a dim light in this chamber. One is at the intersection of the two room spanning ramps while the other is fifteen feet down on the bone covered floor. Standing in the upper circle is a large Bone Golem.
As the Bone Golem is attacked another foe intervenes. It is an undead creature known as a Skeletal Inquisitor. It manages to force the Paladin off the ramp and onto the floor below, revealing the floor for a necrotic hazard. Churchill then summons a magma creature to deal with the Inquisitor. The Inquisitors true threat is revealed when it makes short work of the magma creature.
Barrakus determines your best strategy is to destroy the Inquisitor as fast as possible. Complying, Churchill uses Twist of Space to teleport the Inquisitor out onto the ramp next to the Bone Golem. With it exposed you are able to focus your powers on the monster. When you also bloody the Golem causing its bone volley to erupt, the Inquisitor is dazed along with the other conditions you have heaped upon it.
The Warlord then uses his pole arm to drop the Inquisitor down below where the Paladin can confront it; short moments later you destroy both the Golem and the Inquisitor. After a short rest and some investigation, you discover that the only means of egress from the chamber is the upper arcane teleport circle.
Using the circle you find yourselves in a ten foot wide hallway. The hall stretches out before you some forty five feet, turning to the left. The feint drip of water can be heard ahead.



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