The Awakened

Assassins and Hit Squads

Each of you has begun to spend time in the city following your own interests. Churchill begins research on how to remove the cursed idol from his possession. His first attempts involve academia but soon prove fruitless. Not to be dissuaded the wizard turns to the Temple district in hopes of divine inspiration.
After several days of frustrating research Churchill calls it a night and heads back to the inn. A pair of arrows tearing through his flesh alerts him to danger. The threat comes from an assassin firing from a nearby rooftop. Churchill uses Twist of Space to teleport his foe to ground level. The assassin lands deftly, stows his bow, and pulls twin long swords with one smooth movement.
Realizing this foe may be beyond his ability to deal with alone the wizard flees. Thinking quickly Churchill determines that the Paladin Balthazor may be nearby, as he had been spending much of his free time at the temple of Bahamut. Short moments later the wizard rushes into the temple; dashing the Dragonborn’s solitude.
Churchill fills the Paladin in on the nature of his predicament. The two then set off to find the others of their group. Within a half hour the five adventurers have gathered in the darkening streets. As they discuss how to best deal with the situation another pair of arrows rip into the wizard.
What follows is a fast moving combat of teleporting, spider-climbing, and jumping from street level to second story balconies. The assassin’s deadly weapons and speed are neutralized by the party’s numbers and quick thinking. The brutal struggle ends with the assassin dead. Upon a quick investigation the team determines the assassin was a female Eladrin. From notes found on her person they determine she was hired by some element of the Guilds; a response to the group’s involvement in unseating the last Guild Master.
Weeks turn into months. Fall turns to winter. Prince Jeremy forms a small council and with their aid he begins a reformation of the city’s infrastructure, politics, and economy. To celebrate the advances the city of Killin achieves in this short time the Prince orders a city wide celebration for the winter’s Solstice. Prince Jeremy spends time at several of the celebrations throughout the city before returning to the keeps great hall.
You have all been honored to sit at the head table with the Prince and several of his retainers. The hall is raucous with conversation and laughter. A warm glow from the huge fireplaces, wall sconces, and candelabras drive off the shadows within the grim chambers of Carrach Keep. Set before you is a bountiful feast of savory food and drink. After the first several courses are served and devoured the Prince stands. He raises his goblet and calls for the Halls attention.
“Fine folk of the Realm, you have earned this feast! You have risen to the challenge of making our part of the Kingdom a far better place to live. Together we have done much to offset the injustices of the greedy and the indifferent. There is still much to do…but, that is for another night. Tonight, we drink!” (Cheers drown out anything else the Prince attempts to say.)
A pair of fiery arrows streaks from one of the balconies. The Prince’s speech is interrupted as both steel barbed shafts slam into his skull, driving him back into his seat. A score of black clad Fey suddenly emerge from portals opening out of the rooms shadows. The leader of these black clad Fey raises her sword and shouts. “Slay them! Slay them all!”
Marvelous nearly takes out the leader with a devastating initial strike. The chaos in the Hall is quickly overcome by the tenacious and brutal efficiency of the adventurers. A small number of Fey escaped as smoky tendrils from the portals reached out and snatched them to safety.
At some point in the brief skirmish the Princes rises up, only a small pair of smoking scars on his forehead. He bellows in rage at the affront of being attacked within his own feast hall and cheers the group on in their slaughter of the Eladrin.
Once the battle ends clues are discovered on the corpses that indicate the involvement of High Lady Ordalf, the fey queen who reestablished the realm of Sarifal on the island of Gwynneth. She and her court are extremely powerful and are beyond the reach of Prince Jeremy’s power…for now.



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